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September 20, 2017

Welcome! We are a progres​sive Methodist-related Movement BEing the fully inclusive and just church.

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Church Within A Church Movement

Glimpses of Our Story

Upcoming Events

JUSTice Summit Chicago 2017

October 12, 2017 to October 15, 2017

Oppression at the Intersections of Race, Gender & Economics

Reflections for the Journey

  • In all we do in this Movement there is an abundance of return - hope and safe spaces appear to those whose lives and ministry have been in peril. This is of invaluable worth!

    Colleen Riley

    United States

  • Love is at the Core of the Church Within A Church Movement. Its progressive approach to Being Church, is all inclusive, all encompassing, all truth, and alright with me. God is Love and God loves us just as we are, thanks for the reminder CWACM. What a GREAT Weekend, I'm so proud of every member.

    Sheila Ashby Schultz

    Chicago, IL

  • I support CWACM because they have provided me a place to be ALL of me. ALL of my identities are welcomed and accepted. I thank God for CWACM.

    Anna DeShawn


  • What a meaningful, extraordinary weekend celebration! I continue to learn, to grow and to be stretched by Church Within a Church Movement. The trust and life stories shared throughout the weekend convince me of the importance of the Movement in the lives of many.

    Rev. Susan J. Morrison

    Boston, MA

  • Celebrating CWACM’s 10th anniversary helps me use "church" again - especially from Pamela's sermon – explaining the church equips more than it exhorts – quoting Yeshua, "Upon this rock, I will build my church." The word "church" is important - despite our mistakes over time. I am grateful.

    dr. candi dugas

    United States

  • CWACM members recently joined the Gathering at Geyerhouse for a weekend full of events. Watching, listening and being part of the group's interaction was a powerful spiritual experience. Being a member of CWACM is a great way to test and grow your spiritual self.

    Michael Desmond

    St. Louis, MO

  • What an inspirational and powerful time we spent together this past week-end. Who knew "church" could be so healing and lifegiving. The time was about sharing our journeys and about celebrating each other. What a gift! Geyerhouse thank you for your hospitality

    Vernice Thorn, Co-Convener CWACM


  • I left the UMC behind in order to find new hope, new life, and new purpose as a follower of Jesus. If you are frustrated, hurt, or angry about what happened at General Conference, please join our Movement. There is healing and hope here.

    Rev. Robyn Morrison


  • On Saturday, 3/17 I participated in a half day experience of Just Church in Lawrence, Kansas. Twelve of us sat in a circle and told our stories. As each spoke, it was clear we were listening to lives that had been and were in the process of being transformed. The Energy was other worldly.

    Michael Desmond

    St. Louis, MO

  • I attended my first CWACM/Just Church gathering in Lawrence, KS. I found a home that I have been longing to find as I discovered a depth of authenticity and hospitality that took me in and welcomed me with open arms. I look forward to being a part of this transformation as it continues to unfold.

    David Lafary

    St Louis, MO

  • The ordinations of Robyn and DeLyn were a long time coming. In God's time, these amazing, gifted, talented women are now CWACM clergy. The Movement is blessed for their presence and witness to an inclusive and just church.

    cathy knight

  • I support CWACM because we are living justice, building alliances, and confronting injustice, inequity and inhospitality. We will ordain two marvelous women in Tucson. I look forward to this time of celebration and justice!

    Rev. Annie Britton

    Palm Harbor, FL

  • A Place to Live From: Dual Covenant Membership in the Movement gives me the courage and strength to stand tall and grow the local church in my care as a truly diverse and welcoming faith community. Thanks, CWACM

    William P. Meyer

    Rome, Maine

  • Home and Heart: CWACM is the place where I find community, a safe space to be the person God createrd me to be. CWACM is the place I find the support and inspiration to live out my call. CWACM is where my heart feels at home.

    Rev. Vernice L Thorn


  • I attended the recent REVIVAL CWACM-Style. I really enjoyed myself.

    Dee Dorsey

    Chicago, IL

  • Gandhi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." By BEing with The Church Within A Church Movement, I am able to help co-create a new way of doing church that does not rely on systems of oppression.

    Terry Schwennesen

  • Being a member of CWACM means that I belong to a movement that will not silence me, or oppress me, when I advocate for LGBTQ rights.

    Robyn Morrison


  • CWACM affiliation means I am accountable to make real the widest welcome possible.

    Rev. Kevin A. Johnson

    Palm Springs, CA

  • I support CWACM because I believe in the mission; to reach out, embrace, and empower people who have been marginalized, outcast, and condemned.

    Robyn Morrison


  • I joined CWACM because I would rather be a part of an inclusive movement committed to social and racial justice than be ordained into a deeply divided and conflicted institution (the UMC).

    Robyn Morrison


  • I support CWAC Movement with my prayers, presence, financial gifts and service because it is BEING the church that best represents my progressive theology, my passion for inclusion and my desire to work for justice. It has become my "church community" at large.

    Susan J. Morrison


  • I support CWACM because I'm committed to eradicating bigotry.

    A United Methodist clergyperson

  • CWACM helps me to be reminded daily of the seriousness of my call.

    Rev. Dr. Pamela Lightsey

  • Being a member of CWACM means hands-on work to building an inclusive church.

    A national Coordinating Team member

  • I joined CWACM because I was intrigued by its intentional "pushing the buttons."



  • This Movement models something very different, I believe. CWACM seeks to gather as a faith community that honors diversity and works to understand and dismantle the barriers to growing that authentic community. And that’s one of the reasons why I am a member.



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