Living Tomorrow Today

April 18, 2014


CWAC Movement is heeding the Call to BE Church in new ways, to build the inclusive and just church.

The Working Strategies of The Church Within A Church Movement

  • Provide a pathway to Extraordinary Ordination for those denied ordination because of sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, inclusive progressive theology, and for people for whom ordination through CWACM would enable a liberating expression of justice ministry within a community of mutual accountability.
  • Promote progressive church plants and ministry development.
  • Break down the walls of racism and white privilege and all exclusions based on perceived differences.
  • Provide curriculum and worship resources for the progressive, inclusive church.
  • Cultivate ecumenical partnerships.

The Time is Now

  • People are leaving mainline Christian churches by the thousands.
  • Christian churches under 100 members are closing at a rate of 60 per day.
  • 43% of United Methodist churches did not receive one member by profession of faith in 2004 (3/21/06 UMNS article by Linda Green entitled US Churches face crisis, discipleship leaders say)
  • The average attendance of United Methodist churches is 52.
  • The largest percentage of United Methodist churchgoers is between 70 and 79 years old (according to the United States Congregational Life 2001 Survey).
  • The average age of a person sitting in the pew in the UMC is between 57 and 62.
  • The United Methodist rule book (the Discipline) states that “homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching”
  • The United Methodist supreme court (the Judicial Council, April 2006) ruled that clergy persons can deny church membership to homosexuals.

“The fact is, the church is dying,” Laurie Day says, a student at UM related Iliff School of Theology at the University of Denver. “In another 20 or 30 years the majority of the membership is going to be gone, at least in the United States, unless we start looking at alternative models of what is church and how people are involved in church.” (United Methodist News Service article 12/17/2003 Close Up: Churches, do you know where your young people are?)

According to various studies:

  • New churches best reach the unchurched.
  • New churches best reach new residents, new generations and new people groups.
  • New congregations best attract creative leaders.
  • Older congregations are best renewed by starting a new church.
  • The average age of persons in new church starts is 15-45.
  • There are persons in the world who are looking for community, who are not being fed by existing congregations or who would not turn to a traditional church for their spiritual connection. People are in search of communities of faith that offer places of healing and mercy, meaningful worship and justice oriented outreach and mission.

The Church Within A Church Movement senses Gods call to reach out to those who are seeking, to those who are in the margins and have been cast aside or ignored.

The Church Within A Church Movement feels called to provide places of community, radical hospitality and unconditional love that will go out and transform the world!

God’s opportunity is before us. Let’s break out of the church box, acting with the guiding winds of the Holy Spirit, and do a new thing.