Core values: Community, Faith, Justice

Meeting since 2001, organized in 2002 and incorporated in 2004, The Church Within A Church Movement (CWACM) began as a grassroots response, a church within a church (for some, a resistance movement) to discriminatory, harmful and oppressive actions of the United Methodist Church (UMC) toward Transgender, Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual people. Rather than try to engage the UMC directly to change the official 40+ year position that still says, “Homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching,” CWACM chose an alternate path; BE the fully inclusive and just church, now.

In that spirit, CWACM has evolved, wrestled and stretched into a justice movement offering place, healing, education and inspiration beyond denominational borders. A founding proclamation to be more than a single issue movement has manifested a church trial, anti-racist declaration of organizational intent, racial identity caucusing, extraordinary ordinations, justice ministries of presence and community values including non-hierarchical shared leadership. We are growing a Movement offering a way along the way unbound by the assumed earmarks of the status quo. We gather to engage, heal and listen. We challenge assumptions of tradition and power. We embrace our heritage and value the gifts of our present; often messy, passionate, real, dynamic and ultimately inspiring community-building and a structure of BElonging through radical inclusion.

Coordinating Team

The national Coordinating Team provides organizational leadership supported by CWAC Movement’s core values as a justice community, responsible for the Movement and actions of the Corporation as a 501(c)(3) religious organization.

The national Coordinating Team (CT) gathers monthly by phone and face-to-face twice-annually at CWACM’s Justice Summits.

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We believe in a loving God, who blesses all creation as good.

We believe that the nature and purpose of God are disclosed in Jesus Christ, who comes among us as One filled with grace – teaching, expressing love, and above all caring for those who have been ...

Core Values

The Church Within A Church Movement values Community, Faith and Justice. We are passionate about bringing these elements together in an expansive theology that seeks to recognize the Divine Spirit within, and around, each of us. Our expansive faith requires actions of justice through relationship-building that tear down walls that ...


"The sound of a single door opening can be louder than that of a hundred being slammed shut." Manuel Ayala, CWACM member

The Working Strategies of The Church Within A Church Movement

  • Provide a pathway to Extraordinary Ordination for those denied ordination because of sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, inclusive progressive ...