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August 22, 2017

Welcome! We are a progres​sive Methodist-related Movement BEing the fully inclusive and just church.

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Transfer of Clergy Credentials

Colleen Riley, leader of the Extraordinary Ordination Work Area and Rev. Vernice Thorn at Transfer of Credentials Service for Rev. Thorn on July 20, 2013. Photo by Ed Hoar.

There are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) clergy who, in good conscience, have given up clergy credentials in their ordaining denomination, because it does not allow for “self avowed, practicing homosexuals” to be ordained.

There are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender clergy and non-LGBT clergy who remain in good standing in their ordaining denomination, and want to transfer their credentials to The Church Within A Church Movement because they align with the theology and practices of the Movement.

If you are considering submitting an application, or have questions about the process, please contact cathy knight, Executive Director of CWACM. Initial contact is requested prior to submitting application materials.

Application requirements

  • Contact the CWACM Office by phone or email via our contact form (select "Transfer Clergy Credentials" in the "Category" field for email).
  • Membership and support for CWACM and attendance at a CWACM event or a national Coordinating Team meeting prior to submitting material for ordination
  • Completed Personal Information sheet
  • Copy of current credentials, or proof of prior credentials
  • A theological autobiography (maximum 10 pages)
  • A theological statement that demonstrates alignment with CWACM theology and working strategies, anti racism and inclusive language commitment, and evidence of experience in peace and justice ministries (6-12 pages)
  • We invite up to three supporting statements from colleagues and friends (maximum of 2 pages each statement)
  • Current Medical Report
  • Psychological Assessment completed within the last 3 years (may be waived by the Extraordinary Ordination Work Area)

Application Process

After the initial contact is made, and conversation initiated with CWACM to determine theological alignment with CWACM, you may be invited to submit an application for Transfer of Credentials. A shepherd will companion you through the application process.

Your completed application will be submitted to the Extraordinary Ordination Work Area for review. The Extraordinary Ordination Work Area may then schedule an interview. The results of the interview with the Extraordinary Ordination Work Area will be offered to the Coordinating Team, who will make a final determination of the Application for Transfer of Credentials.

A non-refundable $200 application fee is required, and should be submitted with your application. Make your check payable to “Church Within A Church Movement.”