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August 22, 2017

Welcome! We are a progres​sive Methodist-related Movement BEing the fully inclusive and just church.

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Support the "My God is Not a Bully!" Project

If you prefer to send a check, please mail it to: CWACM, PO Box 578524, Chicago, IL 60657.

Chicago, IL — It began in 2011 at a meeting in Tucson, where the national Coordinating Team of the Church Within A Church Movement looked for a way to share the message that God is Love, not hate. A year later, a video legacy project was launched at the Church Within A Church Movement's (CWACM) 10th anniversary celebration, and 30 stories were shared each day in Pride month, 2013. The project titled "My God is not a Bully!" is a collaboration between Chicago's E3 Radio innovator, Anna DeShawn, and the CWAC Movement.

CWAC Movement executive director, cathy knight says of the project, "what began as an urgent need to offer words of hope, is now a full-bodied message of love. CWACM wants LGBTQ youth to know there is another side to the story. A wonderfully diverse cross-section of people from around the country jumped at the chance to tell the story that God loves them and however you define Spirit, in all traditions, God is Love, not a bully."

We seek collaborations to financially support this project and the justice ministry of the Church Within A Church Movement.