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August 22, 2017

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Rev. Dr. Mindy Johnson-Hicks

Mindy Johnson-Hicks

The Rev. Dr. Mindy Johnson-Hicks celebrated the Transfer of Credentials for Christian Ministry to the Church Within A Church Movement on August 7, 2015 at the Gather at the River event in San Antonio, Texas.

Mindy’s credentials come to the CWACM from the Congregational Wesleyan Church.

Mindy is the executive pastor of Redemptive Work, a partner of CWACM, and lives the mission to make sustainable living a possibility for displaced or traditionally "unemployable" persons.

Out of this passion, Mindy is the co-author, with the Rev. Dr. Tina Carter, of two books: The Wealth of Poverty: Capitalizing the Opportunities of Poverty for the Kingdom of God and A Bias Toward Action: Creating Dynamic Cultures to Heal Stained Glass Paralysis.

The Wealth of Poverty: Capitalizing the Opportunities of Poverty for the Kingdom of God is an inspiring book that challenges readers to challenge assumptions about poverty and those who experience poverty. Illustrative stories offer windows into challenges and blessings, and call readers to join into relationship rather than “service” as well as seeking deeper understandings of the wealth of resources that exist in the culture of poverty. Each chapter also offers reflection questions, providing a resource for both individuals and book groups.

A Bias Toward Action: Creating Dynamic Cultures to Heal Stained Glass Paralysis was written after Tina and Mindy “became aware there are a lot of Jesus people who want to do God’s work but have found it difficult to do in their churches. In a world where agility, motion, and communication are key, churches and ministry organizations find themselves aching to achieve something meaningful but are mired in the past – trapped in the way things used to be. A Bias Toward Action offers dynamic leaders a new perspective into cultural re-creation that can move these helping organizations out of the paralysis our pews have engendered and into the light of active, gracious, life-sustaining activity” (from

The Rev. Dr. Mindy Johnson-Hicks completed her advanced studies in Leadership and Biblical Preaching at Asbury Theological Seminary under the tutelage of Dr. Ellsworth Kalas, United Methodist Elder and author, and Leslie Andrews, Provost of the University. Mindy's leadership course included church visits in Houston, Cincinnati, Florida, South Korea, London, and Oxford University. She traveled with students from around the world and also shared in a pilgrimage through England examining historic sites connected with John Wesley. Mindy's dissertation established that a correlation exists between effective spiritual formation practice and dynamic emotional wellbeing.

Her doctoral course work built upon a foundation of education and service. Her educational foundation was laid during her graduate work at Saint Paul School of Theology at the feet of Adam Hamilton among others, and undergraduate work at Manhattan Christian College and the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Kuskokwim Campus. Her foundations in service began as youth minister at the Whiting and Netawaka United Methodist churches. Her first appointment was as pastor at the Waverly/Prairie View Charge in the Five Rivers District of the Kansas East Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, and, later, Mindy began serving the Madison/Ebenezer Charge in the Flint Hills District, also in the Kansas East Annual Conference.

Mindy experiences a beautiful life with her wife, Amy Johnson-Hicks, in Christ Jesus and in the fellowship of believers of the Church Within a Church movement.