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August 22, 2017

Welcome! We are a progres​sive Methodist-related Movement BEing the fully inclusive and just church.

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Ministry Development

The Church Within A Church Movement is re-visioning multi-cultural/racial/ethnic expressions of Church that celebrate diversity of all kinds.

Grounded in the Gospel message of unconditional love and justice for all, the Movement models full inclusion embracing a vision of the future church.

CWACM promotes progressive church plants and ministry development.

Meet some of our affiliated new church starts

 Rainbow Community Cares Church, Cary, North Carolina

Rainbow Community Cares Church was established by a group of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) and Allied persons who want to develop programming directed toward nurturing religious tolerance of diversity and increase community wellbeing in a time when hate crimes against LGBTQ community are reported to be increasing.

The church’s mission is to work in concert with the LGBTQ and Allied community leaders to increase resources enhancing the safety, power and supportive services of the LGBTQ community in collaboration with community organizations..

Kevin Johnson standing in garden at Bloom in the Desert MinistriesBloom In the Desert Ministries, Palm Springs, California

Bloom in the Desert Ministries celebrated four years of Sunday morning services in early March 2007 and added a Palm Sunday afternoon community jazz concert to the Holy Week schedule. The jazz concert had 67 attendees. The many new faces were given an extravagant welcome with the valley’s best musicians and a sumptuous reception following. A goal for the 2006-2007 season attendance has been to have 40 or more in Sunday worship. That goal has been met or exceeded seven times so far. Ongoing Bloom church development means growing our team leaders and officers into church leaders and implementing our mission statement as adopted last fall:

Guided by teachings of Jesus Christ, Bloom is a community of believers who strive to uplift and heal one another. We gather to worship God, witness our faith in the living of our lives and uphold one another in Christian living. United in our diversity we are inclusive and embracing. We agitate for God’s peace and justice in our community and around the world.

Please keep us in your prayers.

 Weathervane Ministries, Upper Peninsula, Michigan

Weathervane Ministries is a church plant of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches in the Upper Peninsula (UP) of Michigan. Hardly a metropolitan area (16,500 square miles and a population of 300,000), the UP is exactly where MCC and CWACM need to be present. There are only three officially welcoming congregational bodies in the UP. Two are Unitarian Universalist. One is ELCA. And while the Episcopal Diocese in the UP is welcoming, there is no official program for the affirmation and inclusion of LGBTQ folks.

The joint efforts of MCC and CWACM are bringing an intentionality to the work of reclaiming Christianity for the LGBTQ community. The current focus of this ministry is to foster connections among LGBTQ folks and allies. Dialogs around spiritual, educational and political topics have brought together members of the LGBTQA student organizations at Michigan Technological University, Northern Michigan University and Lake Superior State University.

These organizations have benefited directly from the monetary support of the Church Within A Church Movement. Ten students, who would not have been able to afford to do so, attended the Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Ally College Conference in Minneapolis, MN in February of 2007. An event from which they brought back a number of valuable resources to their campuses.

Weathervane Ministries is also involved in dialogs focusing on religious pluralism with the Marquette Unitarian Universalist Congregation and the Bay de Noc Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.