Celebrating Life: Liturgy That Transforms

Celebrating Life book cover
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This 182 page resource for the progressive church is based on the life-giving justice ministry of Rev. Greg Dell. This worship resource includes liturgies, sacraments, sermons, prayers and writings for the progressive and inclusive church.

Need a Sunday Resource? This is it. Need a new understanding of baptism or communion? This is it. Need language for a Holy Union or Same Gender Marriage? This is it.

One reader commented:

Thanks so much for Celebrating Life – it is an amazing resource – beautifully written, rich with wisdom and practicality. I am savoring it.



  • cathy knight, Executive Director Church Within A Church Movement
  • Vernice Thorn, Co-Convener
  • Kevin Johnson, Co-Convener


  • Thoughts on Progressive Theology
  • Religious Community Commitment Typology
  • RCCT diagram
  • Inclusive Language Guidelines

Community and Connection

  • Community and Connection Statement
  • Witness of the Community


  • Call to Worship
  • Call to Confession
  • Corporate Prayer of Confession
  • Words of Assurance
  • Prayer of Dedication
  • Benediction
  • Alternate Prayer of Jesus



  • A Service of Infant Baptism

Unions and Marriages

  • Pastoral Thoughts on Holy Unions
  • Understanding Holy Union and Wedding Liturgies
  • Components of the Holy Union and Wedding Liturgy
  • Example of a Holy Union Service


  • Thoughts on Holy Communion Liturgy
  • Invitation to the Table
  • Communion Liturgy

Sermons, Prayers and Writings by the Rev. Greg Dell

  • Prayer of Invocation for the City Council of Chicago
  • Fear of the Joy
  • Go and Sin No More
  • Seven Last Words: “Woman Behold Your Son; Behold Your Mother”
  • Seven Last Words: “I Thirst”